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Summer Term

Admirals' Curriculum Newsletter Summer (2)

This half term we are focusing on Art and Music as part of our Create Project. In Art we are making our own puppets so that we can then create our own puppet show. Also, we are finishing our Music unit off by listening to The Carnival of the Animals, and then composing and performing our own piece of music about an animal of our choice. Keep checking back to see how we are getting on!


Following on from our indoor PE exploration of how different animals move, this week we took a much more detailed look at the speed and levels that certain animals move at. We even incorporated balancing on different parts of our body into our movements! Outdoor PE has seen us learning new golf skills such as driving and chipping, with this being part of a Tri-golf competition with other schools. 


In English we are looking at the book Farmer Duck. This week we have predicted what we think will happen in the story, looked at the main parts, and then acted these out. We really enjoyed pretending to be the duck and the lazy farmer! Over the next couple of weeks we will be planning and writing our own version of Farmer Duck, using imaginative ways to get rid of the lazy, old farmer.



In computing Admirals have been learning how to make an eBook! First we decided on a fairy tale to base the eBook on. We voted for The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Then we learnt how to use a search engine safely to find some ideas for our illustrations and used a paint program to bring the ideas to life. We learnt how to save our work and find it again and then we added all our pictures into our eBook template and added speech bubbles to the characters. We hope you enjoy looking at what we created!

This week Admirals went to the zoo! We had an amazing time seeing all of the incredible animals. During our trip we were looking for endangered animals to focus on for our Topic Project this half term. We spotted rhinos, leopards, a red panda, a cheetah and a Simitar-horned Oryx which is extinct in the wild. We were lucky to have a sketching masterclass from Pip McGarry, the resident artist at Marwell, who will also be coming into school to help us with our art project.