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Welcome to Swallowtails Class Page!


The children in Swallowtails are aged 7-9 and are in years 3 and 4. Miss Day and Miss Baxter are the class teachers and we look forward to doing lots of fun learning, so make sure you visit the page often to see all of the exciting things we have been doing.


We hope you have had an enjoyable and relaxing summer holiday and are ready for a new school year! We are very excited to welcome the year 3's into Swallowtails class and are looking forward to all the wonderful things we will be learning about this half term. To start with our topic is 'The Rainforest' where we will be finding out all about the different animals, plants and people who live there as well as issues such as deforestation. Shortly there will also be a class newsletter being sent home which will give you more detail about the topics and units being covered over the Autumn term.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Day or Miss Baxter.


Ukulele Concert

What a fantastic performance by Swallowtails they all put in so much effort.



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The Tudors

 Our topic for Summer 2 is the Tudors! Another fascinating time in history and the children are finding all about life during this incredible time...

Test Valley Design Technology and Science Day

On Monday 13th June, Year 4 were lucky enough to be invited to Test Valley School to take part in some egg-siting challenges! In the morning, their task was to create a safety pod for an egg which is dropped from several metres. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning the science behind eggs and found out some egg-cellent facts!


During the afternoon it was time to blast off! The children created their own rocket which would be catapulted into the air. They used various tools including sanding machines, saws and vices in order to create their rockets and we are delighted to say that 2 children in Swallowtails won the competition! The children represented the school wonderfully as always and very much enjoyed the fun and fact filled day!

Stone Age to the Iron Age!


This is our topic for the first half term. What an incredible period in time! We will be learning all about how men and women lived, what they ate, what their houses were made of and of course we will find out all about Stone Henge and the other local areas relating to this time. We will also be writing stories with historical look forward to some exciting Stone, Bronze and Iron Age tales soon!

Danebury Iron Age Hill Fort


On Tuesday 17th May, we went to Danebury Iron Age Hill Fort. As part of our topic, we have been finding out all about life throughout the Iron Age and this was a lovely opportunity for us to find out how people lived in our local area over 2000 years ago. The day started with our Naming Ceremony in which everyone received their own Iron Age name and its meaning. We then walked through the East Gate and into the hill fort to identify the different features including the ring of ramparts, grain pits and the area the settlement used for important tribal meetings. Next we located the site which shows where one of the original round houses was situated and discussed life in the Iron Age. Then came our tribal face paint! This was essential for our game of Attackers Vs Defenders. This helped us to understand how difficult it was for other tribes to attack the hill fort. It is safe to say some of the teachers would have been excellent defenders of the hill fort! After all that excitement, we ventured back to the roundhouse for some lunch before heading back to school. It was a brilliant morning for everyone and the children represented the school wonderfully as always. 



In History, we were lucky enough to have a look at real Stone Age to Iron Age artifacts from Hampshire Wardrobe. These included real and replica tools and weapons, clothing and even Iron Age coins!




Throughout the Summer term, we will be learning how to play the Ukelele. We will be holding our concert towards the end of the year so look out for when this will be!

Stories with Historical Settings

As we have been diving into our topic, we decided to write some stories set in the Stone. We started by describing some Stone Age settings and went on to describe some people from this time. Finally, we wrote our own story endings following on from this story. Don't forget to ask us where we took our stories...


Zac stomped angrily up the stairs, his scuffed grey trainers making an awful racket as he went. “This is so unfair!” he whispered under his breath as he slumped onto his bed. Zac was a relatively short, slender boy of 12 years. His short brown hair swept across his forehead and looked like he had been dragged through a hedge backwards. As he lay there twiddling his thumbs, the superhero on his t-shirt danced across his chest. He frowned. Looking up at the poster covered ceiling of his small but comfortable room, he began to wonder why he was stuck with a Mother who just wouldn’t let him do anything he wanted. “You can play football when you have finished your homework Zachary, now off you go,” she had said in her usual bossy tone. “I am so fed up of being told what to do! I am practically a grown up!” he thought, placing his mucky hands underneath his head.

All of a sudden, there was a huge flash of light and Zac felt an overwhelming sense that he was falling through the air. “Ahhh!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. THUD! He landed on something extremely hard and absurdly cold. Confused, he pulled himself up on the freezing cold wall nearby, shaking as he did. “It’s freezing!” he said to himself as he placed his hands around his skinny arms to trap some of his body heat. He looked at his new surrounding. As he looked up at the enormous wall now directly in front of him, he could just make out the outline of what looked like a drawing of a large, furry elephant, surrounding by tiny black stick figures…

Cave Paintings

In Art we have been finding out about Stone Age cave paintings. We found out how they made paints and why they chose create these historical pictures. 


West African Music Concert

Throughout the Spring Term, the children have been lucky enough to learn how to play a variety of West African instruments including different types of drums called Dun Duns and Djembes as well as what is known as a 'thumb piano' called a Mbira. They also found out about how many of them are made. Some of them involve having 20 different people contribute to making them! We finished the term with a fantastic performance which the children all loved taking part in.

Gym Performance

For our Gym Performance, we looked at mirroring and symmetry. We did some complicated balances using the floor mats and the wall bars and mirrored our partners movements. We performed to the song 'Thinking Out Loud' by Ed Sheeran. 

Science - Electricity


In Science, we have been learning all about circuits. We have been looking at why electricity can be dangerous and how to stay safe at all times! In Design Technology, we are making torches for Iron Man's eyes so we have been making switches in to use in our own circuits so that we can turn our torches on and off! 


As our topic this half term is Robots, naturally our Dance Day had to include some fantastic Robotic dance moves! The children worked extremely hard over the 2 days and mastered a complicated routine. They performed it fantastically and they should be very proud of themselves!


Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. It's a new term and we are very excited about our ROBOTS topic! For homework over the Christmas break, the children have been finding out about some of their favourite robots to help kick start our topic. Check back here to see all the of the exciting learning we will be doing!

In English, we are looking at Poetry. We began by finding out about how to perform poetry and performed a poem called 'My Robot' to the rest of the class. We are also going to write some of our own poems!

The Romans


Our new topic for this half term is the Romans! We have been finding out lots of interesting facts about them already! In Maths, we have been looking at Roman numerals and have made our own Roman numeral clocks. In History, we have also been finding out what the Romans did for us and what they introduced to our country. In English, we are writing our own biographies about Boudicca, a fierce Celt warrior who fought the Romans!


Keep an eye on our class page to find out how we are getting on. 


Cake making in Maths!

Cake making in Maths! 1
Cake making in Maths! 2
In Maths, we have been looking at measuring weight. To do this, we made our own fairy cakes and had to accurately measure out the ingredients!

The Rainforest


As you will know, our topic this half term is The Rainforest and we have made an excellent start! We have already...


Adopted a Gorilla with the WWF

Ihoho is a Mountain Gorilla who lives on the outskirts of the African Rainforest . We will be receiving regular updates on how is is doing including information on how we are helping him and other endangered species by being members of the WWF. If you would like to find out more, visit their website 

Signed up to Sky's I Love Amazon Schools

Sky's Rainforest Rescue looks to help with issues facing Rainforests such as deforestation. By signing up, we receive lots of information and useful resources to help discover as much as we can about the Rainforests of the world. To find out more information and resources visit their website: 

Swallowtails had a fantastic day of fun learning at Marwell on Monday. The day began with a Rainforest workshop where the children learnt about the different animals which live in the Rainforests around the world. As well as this, they had the opportunity to touch real animals including a Royal Python! 


After some tasty lunch the children visited Tropical World where they had to identify different plants and where they come from. Despite some heavy rain in the afternoon, we were able to visit some of the other zoo animals, including some lemurs and snow leopards. 


We look forward to using all our new information to discover more about our topic in the next few weeks!

In Art, we have made our own Rainforest creatures out of wire. To decorate them, we used hamma beads, pipe cleaners, beads and colourful wire. 

Dance Day - 12.10.15 and 13.10.15