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Write Mrs L-T a diary of what you have been up to.

This could include fictional activities (a day on the Moon) or non-fictional activities (playing board games with family). 


Remember to include:

  • first person
  • chronological order
  • expanded noun phrases
  • descriptive language
  • emotional reactions to events



Ask an adult to show you the coins in their wallet/purse. How much money have they got? How much more would they need to reach £10? What about £100?


Can you help your adult work out the cost of this week's shopping? How much change would they get if they spent ____ amount?



Use your clocks at home to tell the time to the nearest minute. Can you work how long it will be until your favourite TV show is on, or what time it will be in 4 hours from now?


You could also try the challenges below!


Please use these links for additional support available on our website: