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Swallowtails Year 3/4

Negative effect block printing of coral

Swallowtails have been researching the impact of climate change on the worlds oceans. The children were really interested in the issue of coral bleaching. We used text books and the internet to look at how rising sea temperatures have affected coral life.

 We met 'Frank the Coral' via YouTube 

This inspired the children to want to tell the story of 'Frank' through art and in particular print.

The children designed their own prints using nature or other patterns and then used cardboard as a block. Using a pencil they produced a negative print by punching holes in the card and with a mixed paint selection of paint they produced a colour print. As a school we had decided to use hands as our cut-out and this allowed the children to build up a coral effect on the pole. As you can see the coral starts of bright and vibrant due to the algae living in the coral's tissue, however, as sea temperatures rise the algae has been killed off leaving the coral white in colour. Coral bleaching has left ecosytems in tatters as there is no food for the sea life, it can lead to flooding as the barrier provides a natural sea barrier. It has also affected tourism around the world, as people would visit these natural wonders. 

The children found that humans use of natural resources leads to rising sea temperatures due to their carbon footprint and that pollution of our oceans can also have a huge impact on coral bleaching.