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The children got stuck straight into our new topic - 'New Life' and have thoroughly enjoyed planting lots of seeds and talking about how to care for the plants. We have some big tyres to plant up with crops which the children have prepared by lining them with bin bags and filling them with compost. We have talked about typical spring weather so the children are happy when it is sunny and when it rains as it will help everything to grow!
The children made healthy pizzas to help the superheros be super fit and healthy. They could choose what toppings they would like and talked about the shape of the pizza and how we could share the pizzas out. After our gym performance they loved sharing (well some of them did!) their pizzas with their families!
Today the children made their own Supertatos. They could chose whether to paint them or not and what kind of special features and accessories it might need. Some even made different vegetables such as Evil Pea.
Today the children had a chance to taste some different fruits such as coconut, pomegranate seeds, melon, pineapple, grapes and mango. The children were very brave and enjoyed talking to each other about which fruits they liked and which they had tried before. We only had a few bits (mostly coconut!!) end up in the bin! They came up with some great words to describe the different fruits - juicy, soft, dry, yummy!!