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Welly Walk

Our second off-site Welly Walk took Skippers back to the water meadow.  In two short weeks there had been quite a lot of change.  We spotted different types of blossom and flowers on our route to the meadow.  We also saw that the river water level was lower and thought it was because there had not been very much rain.  The puddles in the meadow were also much smaller - but it was still possible to get our wellies stuck in them!! Skippers each had a piece of sticky-back plastic and collected either 5 different shades of green or 5 different colours.  Thank you again to the mummies who came to help us.
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Skippers had their first exciting Welly Walk away from the school grounds.  We went to the local water meadow for the afternoon.  The ground was very boggy so we needed to be very careful when we were walking through the field.  The four activities carried out were 'collect the sounds', 'tree rubbings', 'puddle measurements' and 'ground sampling'.  Many thanks to the mummies of Courtney-Rose, Oliver and Jamie, Jessica and Lexi who were very busy all afternoon running the different activities.  Skippers had a lovely time!
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