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What to expect if schools close

During a school closure 

The remote learning will be posted on either Google Classroom or Tapestry daily. We will expect your child to register online daily and to submit the tasks set by the class teacher by 3pm. The learning set remotely will be a mixture of online learning, offline learning and teaching videos.


We will be providing 2 live lessons a day for children in years 1-6. Our expectation is that the children are in attendance of these lessons as they will support and build upon the learning set on Google Classroom. 


Remote Learning What To Expect….

If individual pupils need to self-isolate due to contracting COVID and are feeling well enough, or there is a local lockdown requiring pupils to remain at home


Remote Learning platform set up through Google Classroom (Y1-6) or Tapestry (YR). We will provide the equivalent length to the core teaching pupils would receive in school KS1: 3 hours a day, KS2 4 hours a day.  This is simply the platform to set work, children do not have to be online all day to complete learning. It can be completed offline on paper and then submitted at the end of the day.

Teachers available for support after 3:30pm daily

Expectation that children register and work is submitted by 3pm daily

Learning provided:







Phonics/ SPAG

Mental Maths



Guided Reading






Day 15

As long as not showing any symptoms, return to school



We hope that this plan will not need to happen but it is better to be prepared just in case.


At school the children in Y1-Y6 are accessing Google Classroom each week in class to increase their confidence to access the learning platform.


In addition, each class will be set a short home activity through Google Classroom each week. We would really like you to support your child to access this at home. It is really important that you and your child are confident in using Google Classroom in case you have to self-isolate.


There are short ‘How to…’ clips on our website to help you login to Google Classroom and Tapestry