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Curriculum Enrichment

Our curriculum has been been carefully planned to inspire and enrich the children's learning. 

Our curriculum aims of 

  • ACTIVE - Provide richness and depth to inspirational learning in school for all children
  • EXPERIENCES - Provide a breadth of opportunity out of school whilst rooting children in their immediate and local environment
  • DIVERSITY - Build cultural awareness & knowledge to encourage children to be outward looking and forward thinking
  • PURPOSE - We believe learning should matter

ensure that trips, enrichment days and visitors are a fundamental part of embedding the children's learning within our enriched curriculum at Lockerley School.



Learning outside the classroom is widely recognised as a valuable and effective means of extending pupil knowledge, enriching pupil understanding, and promoting personal and social development. Ofsted also acknowledge the importance of quality learning experiences outside the classroom for raising pupil attainment. Consequently, our school promotes and encourages the organisation of educational visits for all its pupils, and it is hoped that you will recognise the value and importance of these visits, and give them their full support. 

Y3/ 4 Trip to Stonehenge Sept 23

YR/1/2 Bikeability Sept 23

Y3/4 Roman Day Nov 23

Fire Safety with Y2 Oct 23

Fire Safety with Y5 Oct 23

Head Calligrapher from Winchester Cathedral delivered a workshop to Y5/ 6 Dec 23

Y5/6 Victorian Day Dec 23