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September 2020


We have held our first school council meeting outside in the garden. Mrs Kwiatek explained the role of a school councillor. The children have been sent back to their classrooms to discuss with their class a potential project for this year. 

September 2019 Meeting

The School Council met for the first time this year. We discussed their roles and responsibilities. Mrs Kwiatek shared with the School Council the Strategy Plan for the Outside Area. She asked the councillors to take the plan back to their classes and share it with their classmates.


Mrs Kwiatek also asked the children to go back to their classes and ask their classmates

When we leave Year 6, what would we like to be like and be able to do?

School Councillors will be bringing the answers back for the November meeting.

November 2019 


Mrs Kwiatek explained that the school would like the School Councillors help to develop the school grounds. The school councillors will be invited to a strategy planning meeting on improving the school grounds. 

Garden Planting Photos

Skipper's School Councillor

Admiral's School Councillors

Swallowtail's School Councillors

Emperor's School Councillors

Food Tasting - 3rd April 2019

The school council had the privilege of tasting some of the foods from the new menu today!


They chose to sample the mixed vegetable wrap and apple shortbread sandwich.


The mixed vegetable wrap got 6 out of 7 votes, with comments such as '100%,' 'Quite nice,' and 'I like it!'

Delrae explained all the ingredients to us: onion, courgette, pepper, onion, carrot, chopped tomatoes, chilli powder and the wrap.


The apple shortbread sandwich got 5 out of 7 votes, with Eleanor describing it as 'perfect,' Arthur C thought it was 'better than all the other puddings on the menu'. It contains 50% fruit so is a healthy option.


The school council are looking forward to these foods joining the menu after Easter! Why don't you give them a try?