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Skippers' Curriculum Newsletter Spring (2) 2021

We hope everyone had a great half term last week. After hearing the latest  government news that everyone will be returning to school on March 8th we have started a countdown until that day. We are so excited to see everyone and as of today it is only 10 sleeps until we are back! This week we have began our new topic about Spring. Everyone was sent a magic bean over half term and we have thought about what it might turn into. We have had a mixture of responses with some thinking it will turn into a beanstalk and some thinking it will turn into a silver muffin! We have looked at the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and thought about how some of the characters feel such as Jack's mum. We then made our own Giant and thought about adjectives we could use to describe him/her. In maths we have been looking at missing numbers and ordering numbers. We have really enjoyed this week's SMSC activities. In school we studied the country Greenland and found out some very interesting facts. At home we had children look at many different countries including America and Greece. We hope everyone has a restful weekend. Only one more week of home schooling to go! 

Week 6

Happy Chinese New Year! This week we have been learning all about the Lunar new year. We have learnt about the 12 animals associated with Chinese New Year, this year being the year of the ox, and have practised writing and ordering Chinese numbers. We made decorations and designed our own Chinese dragon heads and wrote a fortune to go in a fortune cookie. On Thursday we designed our own Chinese menu and thought about what food we would like for a Chinese party and on Friday we enjoyed the celebrations. We decorated our homes and the classroom, danced to Chinese music and wore our dragon heads. In school we ate noodles with soy sauce accompanied by some delicious prawn crackers. In Science we finished our learning about the human body and thought about how we keep clean, something that is especially important in the current pandemic. We have had some great videos sent in of the dance this week and we are so excited to see them put together. Well done Skippers on getting through a tough but exciting half term of learning. Now is the time to rest, ready to begin again after half term. 

Week 5

Skippers have been working so hard this week even though we are getting a little tired this far into the half term. In English we have been learning about the story 'Town Mouse and Country Mouse' to link with our geography about our local area. We drew pictures and made labels for the characters and re told the story as well as thinking of questions we might want to ask the characters. In our geography lesson we drew maps from our house. Some of us drew them from home to school and some drew them from home to grandparents or friend's houses. They were really accurate; we were very impressed! In school we made a 3D map of London using junk modelling and it looked amazing. In maths this week we have been learning about 2D and 3D shape. We've had great fun finding items around our houses and looking at their shapes and made shape pictures with items around the house and the classroom. In science we have continued learning about humans and today looked at what a well-balanced diet means.  We've had great fun during 'dress to express' day and everyone has made an amazing effort. 

Week 4

Another exciting week for Skippers. Everyone seems fully in the swing of home learning and we continue to be amazed by everyone's efforts. In geography this week we looked at the 4 main points of a compass and used these to direct each other around our homes and school which we found really exciting! Our main focus for the week has been RE. We have been looking at special foods to Christians and learnt about Passover. We had fun sorting out food we thought was special and which food is not special. We then made food that we felt were special to Christians. In school we made pancakes but at home we had children making birthday cakes, hot cross buns and pasta with cheese. It has been great to see a variety of food being made. On Friday we thought about why the food was special to Christians and in school we discussed lent and why Christians eat pancakes just before lent begins.  In maths we have been learning about weight which fitted in nicely with our cooking we were doing! At the end of the week we had a think about whether the biggest things are always the heaviest. The children were pleasantly surprised! Keep up the good work Skippers and parents. You are all doing a fab job!

Week 3

This week Skippers have continued to learn about Paddington Bear in English. We have made labels for Paddington and on Friday everyone enjoyed a teddy bear's picnic which we had planned earlier in the week. Year 1 had a go at writing a diary as if they were Paddington. Lots of Marmalade sandwiches were eaten, I think. In maths we have been working on subtraction using resources and playing online games which have been enjoyed by all. We have thought carefully this week about what makes us happy in PSHE and it has been so lovely to see everyone come up with different things that make them feel good. We have continued our Geography we went on a virtual tour around London. It was great to learn about the different landmarks. We are continuing to learn about the human body and today we made posters to display the 5 senses and what body part they are associated with. We've had a great week of home and school learning and continue to be so impressed with how all the children and parents are coping with these strange circumstances. 

This week has been great fun for Skippers. We have had our first zoom meets which have been really successful. We have been continuing to learn new digraphs in phonics and have been finding things around school and at home that have the sounds in we have been learning. In Maths we have been focusing on finding the total of two groups while Year 1 have been learning to partition teen numbers. In English we have started learning about Paddington which we are using in Geography as well. We made suitcases for Paddington and thought of new sandwiches he might like to try. We've had a look at the weather forecast and we are not impressed with the weather this coming Saturday. In Science we have been learning about our senses and experimented with using our senses. It's been a great week and as usual we miss the children at home so much but it has been great to see their faces on Zoom and Tapestry. 

Skippers' Curriculum Newsletter Spring (1) 2021

We are so proud of Skippers who, this week have thrown themselves into online learning. We are so impressed with everyone's efforts at home. It has been so lovely seeing all of the work and everyone's faces. We miss the children terribly, but it has been great to have constant contact. Equally well done to those children still in school. Things have been a bit different in the classroom with so few children in, but we have made the best of it and have had a great week. Listening to the conversations that go on at lunchtime has been a real highlight! We have started or Geography topic this week and enjoyed looking at google Earth. In school we have painted a map of the UK. We have also started our science topic looking at the human body and labelled body parts and discussed what they are for. We have made Christmas thank you cards and have been learning to share numbers into two groups. A great start to a strange half term!