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What can children write at home?

* Write messages on funky post it notes or emails to each other.
* Encourage them to keep a diary either for themselves or for their pet/ toy.
* Write funny stories and letters to each other.
* Regular writing to a relative or close family friend – there is nothing more magical than receiving a letter through the post.
* Make it fun – get different coloured paper, pens, chalk, let them use the computer.
* Get them to make scrap books on holiday, write postcards, get a pen pal, write to their favourite pop group.
* If they’ve seen a film they loved, they could write a diary as one of its characters or write a play script of the story.
* Writing a match report on a match they played in on the weekend.
* Write a letter/ diary entry to their friend or teacher about what they have done over the weekend.
* Do not focus on their spelling or handwriting too much (I know it’s hard!)
* Any writing children do at home, teachers will be more than happy to look at and reward with stickers.