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English Curriculum Intent


Our curriculum at Lockerley Primary School encompasses the following aims to meet the needs of our children and the English curriculum is vehicle to bring these aims to life:

Aims of our curriculum

  • ACTIVE - Provide richness and depth to inspirational learning in school

An inspiring, text-led English curriculum allows pupils to make links between each area of learning.

  • EXPERIENCES - Provide a breadth of opportunity out of school whilst rooting children in their immediate and local environment

Discussion, debate, drama, role-play and speaking and listening provide the foundations for thinking and writing.

  • DIVERSITY - Build cultural awareness & knowledge to encourage children to be outward looking and forward thinking

Literacy is a subject in its own right but also the medium for teaching. It is therefore essential that pupils transfer their literacy skills to all subject areas in order to communicate their knowledge and understanding effectively. Vocabulary is explicitly taught in a language-rich learning environment for both breadth and depth to the children’s speaking, reading and writing.

  • PURPOSE - We believe learning should matter

Making meaning is central to the teaching of writing. Pupils are taught to consider purpose, audience, form and viewpoint when writing, and teachers consider these elements when designing tasks. The aim of teaching writing is to develop motivated and independent writers; those who write with understanding and purpose.