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Parental Involvement

How we communicate to our parents about the curriculum

Communication Strategy Plan

We value the importance of parental involvement in the curriculum we offer at Lockerley Primary School.  Parents’ involvement in their child’s learning offers many opportunities for success. According to research, parental involvement in their children’s education not only improves a child’s morale, attitude and academic achievement across all subject areas, but it also promotes better behaviour. It further says that family involvement in education helps children to grow up to be productive, responsible members of society. Therefore we work incredibly hard across the entire school curriculum to involve and engage the parents with their child’s learning.


The preferred method of communication with our parents is via the weekly whole school newsletter. This is the first port of call for parents to gain information on up and coming events and dates for the diary. We also use a Primary Site email and text messaging service as a means to further communicate with families.


Weekly Newsletter

Each week we send out a newsletter to the whole school community sharing learning that has been happening in each class and any additional events that the children have enjoyed during the week.


Termly Curriculum newsletters

This explains the subjects being covered and a brief outline of the aims within each subject. It also highlights any particular events happening each half term and signposts parents to activities and learning opportunities at home to support their child.


Walk and Talk Boards

Every afternoon, class teachers put a walk and talk board outside their classroom with a suggested a conversation starter for parents to use on their way home after school about learning that has happened in class.


Celebration of Learning

At the end of each topic the parents are invited into school so the children can share their learning. This takes many different forms across the year and in each class. It might be a ‘museum’ where the parents are invited to attend or a tea party or musical performance.


Termly Report Cards

Following feedback from the parents we have introduced Termly Report Cards which briefly outline progress and attainment of each child at the end of each term.


Parent Consultations

We offer termly parent consultations to discuss progress, attainment and areas for development. We also offer optional parents evening after the report card has gone out at the end of each term if the parents would like to discuss it further with the class teacher.


Curriculum Workshops

There are opportunities across the year to invite parents in for curriculum workshops across all years. At the beginning of the year, we invite EYFS parents into school for phonics and maths workshops. We also invite them in for a Tapestry workshop to explain how it works and how we would like parents to engage with it at home. Half way through the year we invite KS1 parents in for a phonics workshop and Y6 parents for a SATs workshop.


Celebration Assembly

Each week a child is recognised with a value certificate and a child is chosen to share work in the celebration assembly. Parents of these children are invited to the assembly to see their child being celebrated by the school.


School Website & Social Media

Our school website and Facebook page is regularly updated with events and learning in school. Class pages on the website are updated by the class teachers on a weekly basis.


School Trips

Parents are invited to volunteer on school trips to accompany their child and support the classes learning.