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Design and Technology Curriculum Intent



Our curriculum at Lockerley Primary School encompasses the following aims to meet the needs of our children and the Design and Technology curriculum is a vehicle to bring these aims to life: Aims of our curriculum 


A wide range of resources, man-made objects/systems/environments made available for children with the purpose of solving particular human needs. The children will be using an ‘iterative’ process of designing and making. 


Children will meet visitors from different industries, along with school trips providing a learning experience that matches children’s natural inclination to know more, and build experiences from within the school setting.


Teaching across both key stages provides opportunities for children to build on their cultural awareness through finding out about a wide range of mechanical, textile, nutrition and structural design. They can consider how different the world would be without creative ideas.


Making meaningful learning is central to our teaching. Learning journeys are made clear to the children with an outcome we are working towards and the steps along the way. We have developed ‘real life’ opportunities for children to share their work.

Design and Technology Curriculum Implementation

EYFS planning is matched to age and stage appropriate curriculum. Design and Technology skills are adapted to match key areas of the curriculum, with children building on their knowledge of everyday objects and their local environment. The provision includes individual and small group work, and a balance between guided interaction with direct teaching and child-led activities. Objective led planning allows the teachers to tailor individual next steps, based on assessments, into the environment and play-based activities for the children. Small group work is used to target particular needs, and early intervention is also used 1:1 with a child if they have been identified as not keeping up.

Design and Technology is taught in the Autumn Term, and as the key foundation subject it is allocated one afternoon per week for in-depth study. Teachers plan from the National Curriculum objectives alongside the Hampshire Design and Technology Progression of Skills. Each year group has a long term plan which outlines the learning journeys to be covered referring to the units in the National Curriculum. This is a progressive cyclical learning approach where learning is revisited over the course of each Key Stage, deepening their understanding each time.
By presenting our learning in this way, and allowing children the opportunity to deepen their understanding by focusing on Design and Technology for an entire term, children have opportunities to develop their own planning, making and evaluating skills.