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Share a Prayer

In our school library we have a quiet corner for a place of discovery. There are Bibles, prayer books and the opportunity to be drawn into stillness and prayer. It is a place where you can learn more about yourself and understand more about God. It is place where your relationship with God can develop. It is our place of worship and prayer - our sacred space. 


Below are some prayers that children have shared. If you would like to add a prayer to this space please let Miss Banks know and she can upload it to this page. 



Thank you


Dear God, 

Thank you for my happy family.

Thank you for my tasty food.

Thank you for my lovely school.




By Elsie (Year 1)



Dear Lord, 

Please help us care for each other.

Please help us care for our world.

Please help us preserve our nature.

Please help us care for our community.

Please help us recycle unused things.

Please help us respect the nature around us.

Please help us become better people.



By Oliver (Year 6)

Thank you


Thank you for beautiful, cool nature.

Thank you for my thoughtful and lovely kind friends.

Thank you for my cuddly, awesome three cousins.




By Finlay (Year 2)