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PSHE Curriculum Intent


Our curriculum at Lockerley Primary School encompasses the following aims to meet the needs of our children and the PSHE curriculum is a vehicle to bring these aims to life:



Concrete resources from HeartSmart to provide a wide breadth of learning developing personal development and opportunities to experience a diverse culture.



As a school we provide a breadth of opportunity to explore different cultures and experiences such as community lunches where we invite local people in to speak to children. Pupils experience visitors from different cultures and walks of life regularly.



Teaching across both key stages provides opportunities for children to build on their ability to take ownership of the decisions they make. Our aim is to give pupils the understanding that emotions are individual and different cultures, families and individuals experience different opinions, feeling and emotions.



Making meaningful learning is central to our teaching. Learning journeys are made clear to the children with an outcome we are working towards and the steps along the way. We have developed ‘real life’ opportunities for children to share their work.

PSHE Curriculum Implementation


EYFS planning is matched to age and stage appropriate curriculum. PSHE skills are adapted to match key areas of the curriculum, with children building on their knowledge of the prime areas of learning. The provision includes individual and small group work, and a balance between guided interaction with direct teaching and child-led activities. Objective led planning allows the teachers to tailor individual next steps, based on assessments, into the environment and play-based activities for the children. Small group work is used to target particular needs, and early intervention is also used 1:1 with a child if they have been identified as not keeping up. Regular circle time and discussion is held to support children within the prime areas of learning.



PSHE is taught all year, and is allocated an hour per week. Teachers plan from the HeartSmart tool. Each year group has a long term plan which outlines the learning journeys to be covered referring to the units supplied by HeartSmart. This is a progressive cyclical learning approach where learning is revisited over the course of each Key Stage, deepening their understanding each time.


Each unit of work is aimed to develop a pupils personal development. The cycle begins with Get HeartSmart! Pupils also take part in daily Heartfulness; a mindfulness technique which lasts for 10 minutes and provides pupils with a chance to explore mindfulness, taking time to reflect.


By presenting our learning in this way, and allowing children the opportunity to deepen their understanding by focusing on PSHE each week, children have opportunities to learn strategies to help them understand their choices and take responsibility for themselves whilst also learning to make informed decisions and grow a deeper understanding of empathy and courage.


Within a PSHE lesson the teacher will often use split inputs and peel away groups. Planning is flexible to the learners needs and can continue over more than 1 lesson. There will be a key task which has variations of this task to support and scaffold and to deepen learning. Children are encouraged to self-assess and reflect on their own practice.



PSHE Curriculum Impact

Assessments are made by the teachers continuously and used to plan subsequent lessons. Tapestry is used within EYFS to record observations and assessments. This shares learning with parents and we encourage parents to share learning from home through this platform. Live marking within lessons drives immediate feedback and adaptations to learning. If feedback is given after the lesson, children are expected to respond to the marking during the following session.

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