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We are really lucky to have a wonderful library area with a wide selection of books for children of all ages. This includes phonic books for children who are learning to read, and books specially for the older children in Emperors Class.


Our library is organised by Mrs Rowland.

She is supported by our school librarians - Flora, Imogen and Lucy.

A Library Fairytale

Written by our school librarians


Once upon a time, the three little pigs in BookVille loved helping books in need.


One day, they went into the library to find a devastating sight. Books – torn, broken, with folded pages.

It was a horrid sight, and their little piggy eyes burned with sorrow.


“We must put this right!” they screamed in harmony.


A few hours later they had written a story tell all of those pesky kidlets to treat the books with respect, and to put them into the Sacred Box of Returns.

Some recommendations for reading at home: