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Staff Promises

Thank you to everyone who entered our Staff Promise Raffle and a huge congratulations to all of the children that won. Please see a below a list outlining all of the winners and the friend/s they will be taking.


Staff Promise Winners



Breakfast at Poppies

Imogen SS and Lucy (Swallowtails)

Sophie and Primrose (Emperors)


Lunch at McDonalds

Barnaby and Max (Admirals)

Alexis and Lily (Emperors)


Lunchtime Pizza and Decorating Biscuits

Joseph and Arthur (Year 1 Admirals)

Robyn and Freddie (Swallowtails)


Christmas Baking 

Millie and Morgan (Emperors)

Barnaby and Harry (Admirals)


After School Party with Party Food

Lillie and Ellie (Admirals)

Flora and Amelia (Swallowtails)

Daniel and Fynn (Admirals)


Frankie's Fun Factory

Ellie and Faye (Admirals)

Jasmine and (Admirals)


Xbox Afternoon with Treats

Daniel and George (Swallowtails)


Ice Skating and Hot Chocolate 

Tilly and Ellie (Emperors and Swallowtails)

Emmie and Grace (Emperors)


Decorating Biscuits and Hot Chocolate 

Ellie, Millie, Barnaby and Roxy (Admirals)


Afternoon Movie with Cookies 

Alfie R and Henry A (Emperors)

Sophie and Primrose (Emperors)

Grace and Dylan (Admirals)


Star Wars

Hugh and Alfie F (Emperors)