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1st @ Girls Indoor Football

On Tuesday after school Taz, Annabel, Sophie, Tiffany, Chloe and Sienna went to Test Valley School to play against other schools in the cluster at an indoor football competition.

The girls started well winning their first game 1:0 and as they settled into the competition they worked well as a team supporting each other and showing off some impressive football skills.

They went on to draw the next game followed by another win which meant that they were in the final.

During the final the girls played amazingly well winning 4:0 with all of the goals scored by Sienna.

What a super effort from the Girls football team - well done :)



Annabel and Chloe's Football Report


On Tuesday 9th February Sienna, Annabel, Sophie.R, Taz, Tiffany and Chloe took part in the Test Valley girl’s football tournament. After a pep talk from Mr.Dodson the girls were all ready to be crowned the champions. Some of the girls went in Mrs.Black’s car whilst the rest travelled in Mrs.Rose’s car to Test Valley’s sports hall. Once in the sports hall, the players listened to the instructions and were first up to play against Wherwell in the first round. After a whole lot of kicking and lots of hard work, the players had finished the first match and had scored their way to victory! After a brilliant win the future athletes could now celebrate and rest until their next match against King Somborne. Enjoying their first success, the winners watched closely from the side to see who to watch out for. Hoping for another win, Lockerley was called up for their next match against King Somborne. Fighting for a medal, the children were determined to win against 6 schools that day.  It was a close match and eventually the whistle was blown and they were declared joint winners. Taking the lead in the scores they were now even more excited and nervous about their next matches. Since winning most of their matches it put Lockerley in a very good position and was first on the scoreboard. With coming first on the leader board that meant that we were automatically in the FINAL! After quite a few more matches we knew that Lockerley were against Stockbridge in the final. With a lot of courage and hope the players were finally up and in position. This was it! The children put everything they had in them into the match and after a lot of playing and double the hard work they made it an outstanding 4 nil to us. Screaming and shouting for joy, they had done it! The shining medals hung round their necks, it was a very enjoyable journey back! Well done girls!