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Due to a miscalculation with the results yesterday I have just been informed that Lockerley were actually 3rd overall beating Broughton by 2 points.


On a slightly chilly, but thankfully dry, afternoon children from years 3-6 went to Test Valley to compete against the other schools in our cluster at long distance running.


Having warmed up and walked the course our year 3 fun runners kicked off the event. Toby and Maddie ran a well paced half mile each and both came top three out of all the runners in their races. Next were the competitive events  with boys and girls running separately against their peers. All of the runners ran really good mile long races so some serious stamina and determination was required! In these events it was about running your own race and pacing yourself which is always difficult when those around you seem to be running faster! Well done to Aaron, 1st in his race supported by team runner Henry (3rd) and to Sienna and Tiffany, who ran exceptionally strong races to come 3rd and 4th consecutively.

I was extremely proud to accompany the children who all, without exception, ran their hearts out and supported each other like a true sports team.

Well done team Lockerley, 4th overall :)