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During the next two days it is looking increasingly likely that we may experience the adverse weather conditions that the rest of the country has been battling. It is always very difficult when we have snow and ice to determine how this will affect travel and I would ask that you follow the advice below if we experience any bad weather.


‘The decision to close a school is for local management, to be made by the Headteacher in consultation with the Chair of Governors. Decisions should be based on a risk assessment, taking into consideration the conditions at the school and the health and safety of staff and pupils.’


If at all possible the school will remain open and staff will be here as normal.


However due to road conditions some staff may be late arriving and the start of the school day could be affected.


We would ask, therefore, that children do not arrive on snowy days until 9:00am.


You should:


  1. check the scrolling banner on the school website (
  2. look out for text messages from school
  3. listen to local radio stations


right up until you are ready to leave for school if you feel that a problem may arise from any adverse weather conditions.


Or check the Hampshire County Council website


We always hope to be open as normal; however, we feel you should be aware of the situation to avoid confusion should severe weather conditions cause disruption.


The Policy at Lockerley School for adverse weather conditions is that:


At the start of the school day


The Headteacher, following advice obtained locally, will make a decision based on conditions at school and the surrounding roads and footpaths as to whether it is safe to open the school.


To enable the school to open it may be necessary to delay the start time and again these details would be given to parents via the scrolling banner and school text messaging service.

Parents are asked to note that it may not be possible for staff to answer the telephone and we would ask that you do not call before 8:30am.


Checking the school website scrolling banner for details of any closure is the preferred method of communication.


On snow days please could you ensure that children bring a change of clothes and wrap up warmly so that we can use the outside space.


If you feel that you cannot attend school on a snow day please contact the school by phone between 8:30am - 10am.



During the school day


It would always be a last resort to close the school during the school day, but as many adults that work in school live further than 10 miles away then the safety of staff returning home becomes a primary concern.


If we decide to close the school during the day then our text messaging service will be the first line of communication.


If the weather becomes severe during the day then parents may contact the school if they feel that they would like to collect their child early for safety reasons (i.e. travelling/walking long distances or collecting other children from local schools).


The school will remain open until 3:15pm if possible; however, if parents are delayed due to the adverse weather conditions, they should contact the school as soon as possible to give an anticipated arrival time.


Children will be supervised until a parent/carer is able to collect them although we would ask that if you are struggling to get to school that you try to liaise with other parents to help with collection.


Parents must consider their own safety, traffic congestion and safety of others in these circumstances and understand that children at Lockerley will be cared for until it is possible for them to be collected.


Should you have any further concerns then please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards


Jamie Dodson