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Another victory for Team Lockerley

It was a beautiful afternoon on Wednesday when 11 of Lockerley's finest athletes travelled to Test Valley for the rounders tournament. Being off for the first match gave us the chance to suss out the opposition and talk tactics before our first match against Wallop.

Fielding first helped the children settle into the game before taking on the role of batting and knocking a few balls long distance to help score our first full rounder. Winning the first match gave the team a confidence boost and enabled them to take on the next 5 matches in a row with vigour and enthusiasm.

There was some superb bowling from Hugh throughout the competition; not to mention some excellent team fielding on second base from Josh, Aston, Aaron, Toby and Morgan stopping every team from scoring a half round when they could. The backing up that they had been practising in PE was well utilised by Henry, Ben S and Ben T to stump people out and stop rounders.

As well as lots of full rounders being scored from big hits Primrose and Lily hit some great shots and got to second base in order to secure those all important half rounders.

So, 6 matches in a row.......6 wins!

Another victory for Team Lockerley. Well done team, a superb effort all round and some really outstanding teamwork was on show for all to see.