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A team of 6 basketball superstars went to Test Valley after school yesterday to compete in the annual inter-school competition. Fresh from their skills coaching just before half term Toby, Maddie, Aaron, Aston, Ellie and Alexis were hungry for victory.

The team started well with a win over Wallop and with another win in our next match the team started to think they could be in with a chance. After a short break they had 4 back to back matches. They showed some very impressive stealing and dribbling and worked really well as a team to back each other up to get the ball to a shooting position. There was some phenomenal shooting with a point for every time they hit the backboard and many 3 pointers were scored where the ball hit the backboard and went in.

As we eagerly awaited the final scores the team were praised for their all around skills and for scoring an average of over 20 points per match. I think it's safe to say it was a landslide victory for Team Lockerley with a very well deserved trophy and medals all round.