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In school over the last 3 weeks the children have been learning about the General Election and voting. Emperors class have formed 4 parties of their choice and then chosen 3 main pledges their party believes are important. They have created manifestos, posters, leaflets, merchandise and speeches to try and promote their party and to explain why their pledges are the most important. The party names are:-

Vision - The party that has a plan for everyone.

Tomorrow- The party that wants to shape the future.

Progress - The party that will move the country forward.

Transform - The party that wants to make a difference.


Every child and adult in school had the option to sign an electoral role register so that they would be issued a polling card and have the chance to vote. The polling cards were issued to them this week and this morning they are taking their cards to the polling station (hall) to get a ballot paper.


The hall has been transformed into a polling station with a private booth to vote and a ballot box which was formally sealed with witnesses this morning before voting commenced.


The children are enjoying the process and the 'Polling Officers' are looking forward to counting the votes ready for the winning party to be announced in celebration assembly tomorrow.


Please have a look at the pictures as they will be updated throughout the day and we have a new 'Election Fever' display board in the front office.