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Food Waste

Well done to all of the Year 5 and Year 6's who took part in our food waste competition this half term. The children had to take home a food waste diary over a period of two weeks and record the food that they had wasted throughout the day. Anna, who volunteers for Hampshire County Council, came in and gave us ideas on ways to reduce our food waste. For the second time we recorded our food waste there was a significant reduction in food waste which is fantastic. Children mentioned that instead of throwing their crusts away they either gave them to their mum or tried a different type of bread. 


The overall winners were Year 5. They won a reusable bag which included some 'food huggers' and other kitchen utensils to help reduce food waste. Year 6's also won a bag with goodies inside too.


On our class page you can find the PowerPoint presentations that Anna used with all of the results. 


Thank you to everyone that took part.