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Girls' Six-a-side Football

Girls’ football six a side

Our first match was against a hard team. After finding out the rule about tie-tie situation where you then have to start counting the amounts of shots at the goal, we were disappointed. We had the ball many times and took close shots at the goal, but they had a good goalkeeper. Many times they tried too, and even with ‘Leap-spectacularly-to-save-the-ball-Taya’, ‘Take-an-amazing-shot-at-the-goal-Bella’, ‘Tough-defender-Holly’, ‘Shoot-run-shoot-Millie’, ‘Give-me-the-ball-Katie’ and ‘Tackle-move-tackle-Luisa’, they managed to get three goals passed us by the end of the game. We may have lost three-nil to them on the first match, but we had learnt our lesson. There would be no more bad mistakes made from now on.


We had found ourselves a lucky ball by this point and - don’t be surprised - named it Lucky. Before playing our next game, we all held him and treasured him for the precious minute that we had before our 2nd game. When we were called on, we all felt a huge surge of excitement, as we all knew that lucky was already working. Millie and Luisa started off the game with the centre pass. Straight away we began succeeding whilst we ran, tackled, defended and passed along the line, ever nearer to our crucial target; the goal. Luisa did a skillful tackle before passing the ball to Katie. Katie dodged and swerved spectacularly before sending the ball into Bella’s waiting legs. Just before the whistle blew, Bella sent the ball professionally through the open legs of the goalkeeper. Before we could finish high fiving, the whistle sounded the end of the game. Shaking hands respectfully with the other team telling them that they had played well, we thought we had played better. This was the game in which we discovered ‘The corner problem’.


Our third match. Now that Mr. Dodson was here, would he ruin Lucky’s powers? We were very worried and anxious about this game now that he was here. We took our places on the pitch and chose the side closest to our supporters: Jo Lush, Miss Day and Mr. Dodson. Now that this was our 3rd match we were confident about what to do but also worried that Mr. Dodson would intimidate us during the game. This time it was Millie that was off the pitch for sub, so Katie had to do the centre with Luisa in the middle. Wondering how we would cope with this game, it all began. The other team was a little scary since they were so tall compared to us, so this didn’t help. Starting amazingly, we charged forwards, trying to find a space whilst Luisa and Katie tackled and passed. Halfway through the game, a goal was scored by the other team. Whilst controlling the ball, Katie and Luisa did the same as at the start (the centre pass), except this time keeping a good eye on where they sent the ball. Controlling the ball to go to Katie, Luisa narrowed the gap between the goal and themselves. Katie shot the ball straight at the goal, missing it by centimetres. Now we were getting ever closer to the end of the game, so we decided to give their team the corner problem. The corner problem is where you surround the player so that they can’t pass the ball without sending it to your team and then closing in on them so that one person blocks their way completely. You then get hold of the ball and shoot it at the goal. Luisa did this, but she narrowly missed the goal.


Our final match starred our best defending. We had many close shots at the goal, but the other team had just a few more than us. This time Taya was off to go on sub, so we had to get Millie in goal again. Katie and Luisa had to do the centres in this game, but sadly Luisa hurt her toe. We chose the same side we had chosen in the previous match and then before we knew it, the game had started. Katie began to do her amazing tackling, Millie her amazing goal keeping, Holly her amazing defending, Bella her amazing shooting, Luisa her amazing talking and Taya her amazing supporting. This game was about fighting for 3rd place. We managed to get the ball so close to the goal and spread out, using the advice we had been given, but even if we didn’t manage to score any goals, it all counted now about the amount of shots at the goal. We took quite a few shots at the goal, but the other team had a few more shots than us. Even if we had played well, it would be easier to play next time. After fixing Luisa’s toe up where the ball had been booted, we all travelled back to school where we were greeted by an enthusiastic Mrs. Black.