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House Football

It was a wet, but warm, Winter's afternoon that saw the house football decided at Lockerley today. Children from years 3-6 were taking part for their house and they performed with fantastic sportsmanship and all displayed a real desire to win.

In the end though there can be only one Champion and this year that title went to Rolle. They won all 3 of their matches and so therefore were worthy winners.


A list of the results are below:

Rolle 3 - 1 Dalgety

Nightingale 2 - 2 Aylward


Rolle 4 - 1 Nightingale

Dalgety 2 - 0 Aylward


Rolle 2 - 0 Aylward

Nightingale 0 - 1 Dalgety


1st. Rolle 9pts

2nd. Dalgety 6pts

3rd = Nightingale/Aylward 1pt