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Ice Skating Staff Promise

Mrs Black and myself had the pleasure of taking our staff promise winners Tilly and Emmie, along with their friends Ellie and Grace, ice skating this afternoon.

Beginning the adventure with a trip on the bus, having used the park and ride, we happily made our way through the Winchester Christmas Market to the ice rink. We got the girls kitted out with boots and after a nervous circuit of the rink all clinging to the side for support the girls gradually became more confident. Letting go to move round gaps and people they soon were able to let go for long periods of time and ventured into the middle to hit, sometimes literally with their bottoms, the smooth ice!

They all really loved the ice skating and despite having very wet trousers, even managed to enjoy their hot chocolates at the end! Beautifully behaved and very grateful for their promise we look forward to the 100 tickets they are each going to buy to try and win again next year!!!