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Ice Skating Staff Promise

This morning Mrs Appleby and Mrs Black took the two staff promise winners, Fay and Lucy, and their two friends, Ellie and Danielle to Winchester for some ice skating fun. Luckily the weather had dried out from yesterday but the rink was a little wet!! We booked the early slot which was brilliant because we practically had the rink to ourselves.

Having kitted us all out with boots we took to the ice - penguin in tow! Mrs Black did a fabulous job supporting from the sidelines while Lucy and Danielle showed off their skating skills - with some impressive backwards skating from Lucy. Fay and Ellie took it a bit more slowly using the penguin and Mrs Appleby for a little help around the rink. Ellie soon became much more confident and could skate round the rink with her penguin on her own.

The session was soon over and with achy feet and some wet bottoms we made our way to the café for some hot chocolate and juice. As always the children were impeccably behaved and certainly helped to get Mrs Black and Mrs Appleby into the Christmas spirit by decorating Mrs Appleby's car on the way home!