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Inter-House Maths Challenge

This morning the whole school enjoyed some maths fun in the sun as they completed an orienteering course for the Inter-House Maths Challenge. Working within their house and year teams, the children used their map reading skills to hunt for maths questions to solve. Each question solved earned the team a puzzle piece which they needed to put together (using their maths skills, of course) to find the name of a famous mathematician (Leonardo Fibonacci, Sir Isaac Newton, Pythagoras and Archimedes for those who were still puzzling over it after the challenge had finished!).


It was fantastic to see every child working enthusiastically and tirelessly for their team. They should all feel very proud of themselves!


The results were close as the following housepoints were awarded to each house.

Aylward: 72

Dalgety: 70

Nightingale: 67

Rolle: 84


Congratulations to Rolle who were the overall winners.