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Inter-House Spelling Challenge

This afternoon the whole school joined together in the hall to take part in Lockerley's second Inter-House Spelling Challenge. All of the children were divided into their houses and they had to take part in group and independent spelling challenges.


Skippers went first where they needed to spell what they saw. They used the magnetic letters to spell out the words. A fantastic effort from Skippers as all of the children got full marks! Next came Admirals, they had to unscramble the letters to make words and fill in the missing words in the sentences. Swallowtails class had a tougher job. They need to spell out the missing letters in words and find the correct spelling from a selection of misspelt words. The key for these two tasks was speed. Last but not least was Emperors. They had definitions as clues and they had to write the word correctly. Year 6 had the toughest spelling challenge of all. As the room fell silent for the backward spelling challenge, Jack, Lily, Samuel and Matthew did a great job at spelling words backwards. They were not allowed pens or whiteboards to write the words down and they made a fantastic effort spelling backwards including words such as comprehend and gullible.


The last group challenge was the alphabet challenge. Each house had the 26 letters of the alphabet. They then needed to order themselves in order from A to Z.


After I have marked everyone's spelling challenges the house winners will be announced during Monday's Collective Worship. Take a look at a pictures below.