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Make a Noise About Bullying

Anti-bullying week started with an assembly led by Mr Dodson introducing the theme for this year - 'Make a Noise About Bullying'.  The children looked at various examples of bullying and the importance of not suffering in silence.  Each class then carried out further work each afternoon to investigate the issues further.  


Children in Skippers and Admirals learnt how to identify what bullying is and what to do about it.  They listened to the story of Tiny the Dinosaur and thought about how Tiny felt at each stage of the story.  Skippers then iced biscuits to spell out the important message of the week while Admirals created posters.  


Swallow-Tails and Emperors discussed concepts raised by the story of Buttercup Bree in 'Daisy Chain'.  They created their own bullying stories and discussed how different the outcomes were when their characters sought help from others.  Swallow-Tails then created their own Anti-Bullying art exhibition while Emperors wrote and performed songs with anti-bullying themes.  


Examples of the excellent work from each class were shared in Celebration Assembly on Friday.   Look at the class pages for further examples of the work produced.