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I stretched out on the rug with some of the Admirals today.  My legs are so long that I stretched from i for igloo to l for leaf!  I made myself very low - I can always concentrate better that way.
First of all, I listened to A Shock for Mini, where there's an amazing theme park, but you have to shrink to get in!
Next I heard Ant's Pact, where Ant makes a deal with the Akwans, and then Minibeasts About! where I learned all sorts of amazing facts like the fact that a hoverfly can stay still in mid-air when he's showing off to a female.
Lastly I listened to Dog Overboard, where at last, Bones the dog spotted a ship in the distance called The Black Beast.  I hope they'd come to save him!  Poor Bones!
Keep reading at Easter!
love Murphy