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Murphy's Visit

I was with Swallowtails again today, and first I heard Rainforest At Risk, where I learned all about tree frogs who camouflage themselves from predators by changing the colour of their body to whatever colour is around them.  I wish I could do that, then I'd change to brown and chase those pesky squirrels around!  Hahahaha!
Next I heard Magic Mates and the Jungle Drums, where the friends got lost in the jungle and had to find their way out.  Then I heard The Litter Queen, where Floppy had cut his paw on some broken glass.  Poor Floppy!
Lastly, I heard from a very useful book called Alien Adventures Fact File.  This was great because I've heard several Alien Adventure books lately, and this fact file told me all I needed to know about the characters  and everything - even their watches!  I don't really need a watch - I always know when it's dinner time!  I wish it was dinner time all the time!
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love Murphy