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So today I was back with Emperors, and I listened to Mr Gum who'd got morsels of food in his ears, then a Beast Quest story about Balish the water snake.  I heard the bit where Leo is drifting, and he saw a ship whose sails billowed all on their own, even though there was no wind!
Then I listened to Dark Summer, where Eddie is in a cave and meets a strange, pale girl who leads him by the hand back up to the surface, but she can't leave the cave.  I wonder why not?  You'll have to read the book to find out!
After that, I heard Horrid Henry Meets the Queen, which is very topical this week as it's the Queen's birthday.  Horrid Henry's favourite TV programme is Hogs House, where teenagers compete for the most disgusting rooms, and we find out that Horrid Henry's least favourite word is "chores."   Hmmm ... I don't much like the sound of that either!
Finally, I listened to another Horrid Henry story about Impatience Tutu, his dance teacher, where Horrid Henry pretended to be an enormous crocodile, about to gobble up Miss Tutu.
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