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Murphy's Visit

Hi there
So today I was with the Emperors, and Mum sat on a special chair, feeling like she was on a throne!  
First of all, I heard all about the grisly, ghastly truth of the warriors in Cut-Throat Celts in the Horrible History series, then I listened to Car Jacked, where the car Jack's in gets hi-jacked with him inside it!  Oh no!  What do you think happens next?
After that, I heard an extract from the diary of Dennis the Menace, Bash Street Bandit.  I always really like the bits where Gnasher appears.  He's my favourite character because he's a dog, like me!
Lastly today, I listened to The Hunger Games where I found out that Effie Trinket has pink hair and a green dress - and a great name too!  I wish I had a great name: I'd choose ... Murphy the Magnificent, or The Marvellous Murphster, something like that, not just plain old Murphy Ford!  What name would you choose?
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love Murphy the Magnificent