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Murphy's Visit

Hi there


So today I was with Admirals and I sat on the rug near D for Dog.  That's me! First I listened to Stuck in the Mud, an alien Adventure where Cat and Tiger get stuck in a pool of mud - yuk!  Do they get out?  You'll have to read it to find out!


Next I listened to Supertato, where there was a crash!  Something had escaped from the supermarket freezer and had drawn on broccoli's face. Who could it be?  All the vegetables were very distressed and upset.  Oh dear!  I wonder how Supertato helped them?


Lastly today, I listened to Land of the Dinosaurs, where there was a baby dinosaur hatching.  Wow!  I didn't know they came out of eggs! I had to have a little lie down to think about that.


Then I went into Skippers class because they'd been learning about how animals help with jobs, and the children asked me lots of questions, like what was my favourite food.  Cheese and tuna!  I tried to say, but I'm not very good at talking yet, so it just came out as Woof, huf!  Luckily Mum knew what I meant!  I had a lovely time, with lots of tummy tickles.  I love school!


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love Murphy