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Murphy's Visit

So today the first Emperor read me Stormbreaker, which is written like a comic strip with speech bubbles and is full of great noise words like twang! klik! and whump!
Then I heard Wimpy Kid - The Long Haul which was about a family road trip in the summer holidays.  The Mum in the book read a magazine called Family Frolic for inspiration.  I'd use a magazine called Murphy Mayhem for my holiday ideas!  That'd be really exciting!
Next was How to Train Your Dragon (to be a Pirate) and I heard the part where Dogsbreath's big bottom was bitten by Toothless.  Hee hee hee!  Luckily for him, Toothless didn't have any teeth!  That book should have speech bubbles: I'm sure I could think of a few could noise words to use there!
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