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Murphy's Visit



I was with Swallowtails again today - way hey! - and I settled down happily to listen to The Mixed Up Wishing Well where the well mis-hears what Shy Sarah and Greedy Gus really want.  He thinks Gus says that he wants toads in this boots when Gus really said that he wants loads of loot!  
Then I heard about James and the Giant Peach, the bit where the peach is bobbing along in the ocean with the grasshopper, the earthworm and the ladybird.
Next I listened to Dennis the Menace in The Beano, where Dad leads his family into the woods to climb up a tree, to get away from the dinosaurs.  Professor von Nutter is in the dino lab, and needs to make a bigger dinosaur, who looks a bit like Gnasher!  
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love Murphy