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Murphy's Visit

A poem from Murphy's last visit...


Back I went to school today
I knew just where to be
I followed through the corridor,
Saw classrooms around me.
Mum went to sit down on the floor.
At first I just sat too,
Then we realised I'm too big -
I shouldn't block the view.
The children came to read to us
As we sat by the door.
I thought I'd be the right height
If I flumped down on the floor.
The children ruffled up my ears
Then patted me some more.
All of them were gentle
So I offered them my paw.
They asked about my wet, black nose.
It means I'm fit and well.
All healthy dogs should have one.
(We've got a great sense of smell.)
The reading was fab this week too.
I especially liked the tale
Of the family choosing a dog -
Floppy was for sale!