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Nightingale wins house netball

After the excitement of the Easter egg hunt this morning, the Lockerley netballers embarked on a nailbiting showdown between the houses!

Each house played each other once with just one point between first and second place.

All teams put in a fantastic performance but in the end Nightingales excellent attacking performance preveiled and they won with seven points!

Congratulations Nightingale!


As Rolle won the house football on Monday afternoon the overall winners will be determined on this years sports day.



Rolle v Dalgety 4-3

Nightingale v Aylward 3-0

Rolle v Nightingale 2-4

Dalgety v Aylward 1-7

Rolle v Aylward 1-0

Nightingale v Dalgety 0-0


Overall Results

First place - Nightingale (7 points)

Second place - Rolle (6 points)

Third place - Dalgety (4 points)

Fourth place - Alyward (0 points)