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Today was Murphy's first time in school listening to children read during guided reading. He looked like he had a good time hearing the children read and he got a lot of attention from the children in Admirals class who took a love to him straight away.


He even wrote a poem:


So Tuesday was a Lockerley day
I couldn't wait to go!
When Mum signed in the visitors' book
The headteacher smiled hello
My tail was wagging all the time
I heard the children's chat.
I went into the bright classroom,
Got comfy on the mat.
Two children came and read to me
(I always lie quite still)
I listen very hard like that
And the reading - it was brill!
All too soon they had to stop
But the best was still to come.
Lots of children sat round me
and stroked my ears and tum!


I wonder who will read with him next?