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In collective worship today the children in Swallowtails and Emperors were told about a new reading competition. This reading competition will run throughout Key Stage 2 up until the Easter Holidays. The aim is to read as many books as you can and record them online in your very own account. There are hundreds of books online which are not in our library for you to read and you can bookmark them so you do not loose your place! The books you read do not have to necessarily be the books online...they can be books at school or at home.


Additionally, there will be a prize for the person that reads the most books in each class and a TOP prize for the person that reads the most in school. I can have a sneak peak at all of the books that everyone has been reading. Children will also have time in their guided reading sessions to update their online account. I have just logged on to check everything was working and children have already been logging what books they have read! FANTASTIC!! Finally, in addition to winning prizes for yourself if we read 250 books collectively our school will be entered into a draw to win new books for our school.


Happy reading :)