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Rocket Launch

This afternoon, under much excitement, the whole school gathered on the field to witness the much anticipated rocket launch from Professor Kaos.

As we gathered around, Professor Kaos explained to the children what was going to happen and the inner workings of the rocket. Grace was chosen to launch the rocket and as we all counted down from 10 to 0 the rocket blasted off some 1500ft into the sky. It went up so fast that apart from the initial smoke it was tricky to follow it up! Soon enough the parachute opened up and the rocket sailed down onto the grass.

Professor Kaos was kind enough to let us smell the rocket fuel, sulphur! As one skippers exclaimed, 'it smells like stinky toe nails!' Due to all the excitement Professor Kaos gave us the opportunity to watch another launch. This time it was Arthurs turn to launch the rocket.......after a few false starts up it shot again and sailed back down onto the field!

Thank you so much to Professor Kaos for letting us experience the rocket launch, we all loved it.