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Romsey Abbey 900th Anniversary

As part of the celebrations, Lockerley Primary School, along with other local schools, were invited to showcase their art skills by painting a plywood cut-out of an abbess of Romsey Abbey. 

We were given Felicia Aas as our Abbess. Very little is known about her apart from that she must have been of mature age at the time of the Bishop's death on 27th September 1404. Soon after she was appointed abbess of Romsey Abbey. Over the last month, under the expert guidance of Tamara Clark, some children from each of the classes have helped to create the Abbess that is now on display. They looked into her history and thought about how to make it special to our school. The finished Abbess is stunning, creative and very representative of what is important to our school. 

The Abbess’ are now on display in the Abbey until the end of October, giving the students, their families and school staff plenty of time to visit to see their work, and those of other schools, on display.

Next time you are in Romsey pop into the Abbey and have a look at the display of Abbess’. Take a photo of yourself with the Lockerley Abbess and send it into us at school. Let’s see how many photos we can get.

We would like to say a huge, huge thank you to Tamara for taking the project on, working with the children and inspiring their creativity. We really could not have done this without her.


Great idea to have people take pictures with her when they visit. It's really nice to see her there representing our school and showing the children's lovely work. It was a pleasure to he involved!

All best,