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Today 25 trainee teachers on the School Direct route into teaching visited Lockerley for a training day on Early Reading and Phonics. Myself and Mrs Burnside led the day and I wanted to share some of the lovely comments they said about our school. 


Firstly all of the House Captains did a fantastic job at showing the trainees around the school on a very thorough tour. They answered all of their questions about the school and conducted themselves in a polite manner showing exemplary behaviour. 

Additionally, throughout the morning all of the trainees went into the classrooms at least twice to observe our guided reading and phonics sessions. They were most impressed with the provision the children have for these areas of learning and were very grateful to the teachers for allowing them to observe them. Thank you to all of the parents that came in as an extra today to listen to children read!


Many commented on how lovely our school was, how polite the children were and how lucky we were to work in such a wonderful school! Well done and thank you to everyone who helped today!