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Sharing Christmas

Thank you to everyone that braved the elements last night to attend Lockerley's first ever Sharing Christmas. Each classroom had children's work displayed and available to look at for all parents and children to see. This year's Sharing Christmas theme was 'Light' and each class had completed some work around that theme. Skippers had made some wonderful lanterns which had mini tea lights inside. Admirals had written diary extracts about the wise men's journey following the bright star. Swallowtails had created their own artwork surrounding the nativity and Emperors had written poetry and recounts about the birth of baby Jesus.


Towards the end of the evening we sampled some of Mrs Black's delicious mince pies followed by everyone joining in and singing carols and listening to Christmas readings by all of the teachers. The evening was definitely a success with lots of high praise in regards to the work the children have completed over the term. Thank you once again to everyone who attended. We look forward to next year's Sharing Christmas.