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Sport Relief

Wow, what an incredible Sport Relief Day we had in school! All the children looked the part in their sporting outfits and so did the staff – especially Mr McCrae who went the distance as a ‘118’ guy – wonderful hair and ‘tache grown especially for the event. Swallowtails even managed to link their ‘Big Write’ to Sport Relief as they wrote a letter to Daniel – a boy they had learnt all about in my Sport Relief collective worship earlier in the week. Miss Banks was on photographic duty all day and even managed to make a movie which will be uploaded to our 'gallery' section later today. The run itself was a huge success with every child taking part and it was great to see so many parents and staff taking the run so seriously. I feel it is only fair for me to say that had I taken it seriously myself I would have won by a huge margin over everyone, but as Headteacher I must set the right example of ‘it’s the taking part and not the winning that counts’. We managed to raise over £150 which is a wonderful effort and I thank you all for your generous contributions. 




Girls                                         Boys

R = Milly                                   Sebastien

1 = Maddie                               Alfie 

2 = Sophie                                Ben S/Aaron

3 = Grace                                  Keir

4 = Sienna                                Ben K 

5 = Bella                                    Danny 

6 = Gabrielle                            Joe