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Staff promise ice skating fun

On wednesday, Bella, Millie, Roshne, Robyn, Henry and Mrs Lush went to winchester with Mrs Appleby for a bit of festive fun. Having rushed through our Christmas dinner we headed off to winchester for some ice skating. 

After we had all managed to put our boots on we hit the ice! Robyn sped off with her penguin to help her stay upright, only falling over a couple of times on the first run round, the rest of us stayed close to the side for support!! Henry soon started to get into the groove and went off. Bella too was a bit of a natural, she soon headed for the middle to do laps with the pros. The rest of us needed the support for a little longer. Roshne did some impressive bottom skating whilst Millie and Henry attempted to crack through the ice with different parts of their bodies! Millie soon became more confident and joined Bella for a bit of free skating and the girls were soon skating circuits with the best of them!

The hour was soon up and we headed to the cafe for some very well deserved hot chocolate and cake! 

We all had a fabulous time and enjoyed the Christmas setting in winchester surrounded by the Christmas market. Unfortunately we weren't allowed cameras on the ice, so you will just have to take our word for it that we had a truly magical Christmas time :)