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Staff Promises

Thank you to everyone who entered our Staff Promise Raffle and a huge congratulations to all of the children that won. Please see a below a list outlining all of the winners and the friend/s they will be taking.


Staff Promises Winner



Hot chocolate and cake at Annie’s

William and Arthur (Admirals)

Sophie and Primrose (Emperors


Free After School Club session

Georgina and Isla (Emperors)


Carols for ice-cream

Daniel and Aston (Admirals)

Fay and Ellie (Admirals)


Pizza and a film at school

Finlay and Lucy (Admirals)

William and Dylan (Admirals)


Dinner at Pizza Hut

Hugh and Sam (Emperors)


Ice Skating

Milly and Maddie (Swallowtails)

Claire and Isla (Emperors)


Breakfast at Annie’s

Barnaby and Joseph (Skippers)

Robyn and Grace (Swallowtails)


Decorating Biscuits

Joseph and Arthur (Skippers)

Barnaby and Alfie (Skippers)



Alfie and Alby (Skippers)

Frankie and Jasmine (Admirals)


Christmas Crafts

Henry A and Primrose (Emperors)

Finlay and Imogen (Admirals)

Aflie and Joshua (Emperors)


Sport Afternoon

Callum and Ben T (Emperors)

George and Daniel (Swallowtails)

Henry A and Joshua (Emperors)

Ben S and Aaron (Emperors)

Keir and Hugh (Emperors)


Cinema Trip

Hugh (Emperors)

Alfie (Swallowtails)

Oliver (Emperors)